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Registered Clinical Counselling

Registered Clinical Counselling

The Inner Healing Room

At Palm and Cedar we desire that you are radiant inwards and outwards. We all know going to the sauna is a comforting experience, but then the sweat comes and it gets uncomfortable. You want to get out and shower, but you also know your time is not up. If you finish your time we know your lymph nodes begin the detoxification work. You come out, breath, shower and your skin radiates. Therapy is a lot like the sauna.

We desire to create an atmosphere of trust, comfort, peace and hope. Once you decide that Palm and Cedar is the safe place for you, the work begins. There will be times where “sweat” comes, but the aftermath is that your soul will radiate and you will have detoxified that part of you that need some fresh oxygen.


– Alex Myles

Sometimes our fears, our past, our emotions, can hold us back. And while the days move forward our own growth can get stuck or stagnated. We can stay with the same patterns that are not working, we can even experience a biological change that can leave us feeling unsettled and not “us”.  This is how depression, anxiety, fear, and loss can get in and they can bear weight in our lives. At Palm and Cedar we will walk and work with you, help facilitate achievable goals that are true to YOU: your personality, your goals, your future, your choice.

We called our business Palm and Cedar for a few reasons. One, we want to be a place of refreshment, we want to be the oasis for you. Two, cedar wood is a healing wood. It detoxifies, protects and heals. A place of a refreshment, rejuvenation, but at the centre of our business, a place of healing.